Case Study #1: Marketing Plan for Large Event

The Story:
A Spectrum Public Relations client expressed interest in increasing attendance at their Open House event in an effort to increase enrollment to the college. Spectrum PR was utilized to create a diverse marketing plan targeting various audiences through the utilization of all communication tools available.

Telling the Story:
Spectrum Public Relations created a marketing plan that targeted several types of audiences, including high school students, non-traditional students, previously enrolled students and parents (who, as studies showed, made the largest impact on where students choose to go to college). The action plan included the development and design of consistent marketing messages that could be used on all outreach materials; the development of a website specific to the Open House event; media and advertising opportunities that included traditional and non-traditional media; and other outreach tools, including invitation letters from the president, display boards, flyers and posters, direct mail pieces, partnerships with groups outside of the college (i.e. high schools, summer camps, testing centers, and local community groups such as churches, libraries, YMCAs and hosts of other diverse populations); sponsorship of key community events, employment and education fairs; and more.

In Conclusion:
Several of the actions within the marketing plan were employed, including posters, postcards, a note from the president, social media messages, an Open House website, radio ads, PSAs, press releases, online ads, internal communication pieces and more. To evaluate the success of the various marketing tools used, the marketing plan suggested the college track coded reply cards or marketing materials to see if the students not only attended the Open House, but then actually enrolled as a student of the college.

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