Case Study #3: Marketing Plan for New Program

The Story:
A Spectrum Public Relations client requested a marketing plan to launch a new academic program. Spectrum PR created a plan with the goal of introducing prospective students and parents to the program, then encouraging the students to enroll in classes.

Telling the Story:
Spectrum PR targeted high school students, non-traditional students, existing college students, parents and family decision makers, and business and community partners. The plan encouraged the development and design of consistent marketing messages for increased enrollment. Some of the tools suggested to target these audiences included a website that could be used as a recruiting tool, posters, brochures, press release materials, direct mail postcards, participation in high school and community events, an Open House event for prospective student, use of social media platforms, advertising, a short video, and more.

In Conclusion:
Several of the actions within the marketing plan were employed. To evaluate the success of the various tools used, Spectrum Public Relations suggested its client track through coded reply cards or marketing materials how people who enrolled in the program found out about it for future marketing purposes, as well as utilize Google Analytics to compare rankings pre- and post-marketing campaign.

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