Grit: The Perseverance and Passion You Need

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Grit: The Perseverance and Passion You Need

The definition of grit, according to Angela Duckworth, a distinguished professor of psychology, is “a combination of perseverance and passion for especially challenging long-term goals.” Grit is the personality trait that makes you stand out from the rest. Without it, the likelihood of personal or business success diminishes.

Contrary to what some believe, success is not dependent upon a person’s IQ. Success is achieved as a result of your perseverance to meet your goals. In the face of disappointment, get back up (again) and work toward your next goal. Even after a string of disappointments, have the stamina to keep going.

Perseverance provides you with the intrinsic motivation you need to keep going. And, it is hard to continue on a difficult journey without passion, reminding you why you started in the first place.

It is easy to see why grit is needed for success. As a business owner, you clearly have a passion that influenced you to start your business. The question is, do you have the perseverance and passion to reach your long-term goals? Do you have grit?

I bet you do! Let me know if we can help you reach your long-term goals.

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