Low-Cost Digital Advertising Techniques

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Low-Cost Digital Advertising Techniques

Business owners know they need to take advantage of digital advertising, but not all can allocate a budget to get started. The first step in this planning process is to conduct a digital audit. But, where do you go from there? There are several effective ways to jump into the digital advertising world no matter your budget size. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Annual digital audits can help improve your company’s digital advertising, so it is important to review what you are doing online now. Make sure you are keeping track of updates, and utilizing all accounts and social media platforms. If there are any accounts that your company doesn’t own, take action to either delete or become the owner of the account. Have a system in place that tracks which employee oversees a given online platform.
  2. It will take time, but make it a goal to do better at social media. Observe the ways your customers are engaging with your social media profiles, as well as who is interacting with them. Depending on what you find, assess the best way to use your platforms. This may mean using your account as a customer service tool, promotional tool, or both.
  3. Make it a priority to keep an eye on free analytic tools. Certain platforms, such as Facebook, provide their users with tools that give insight on their digital efforts. Compare the success of multiple posts and pay attention to the content that your customers are engaging with. Those are the types of posts you want to do more of in the future.
  4. Take advantage of free online listings. If you don’t know where to look, start with Google Business or Manta.
  5. Update your website. Consider a blog, newsroom or resources page that can be updated regularly.
  6. Decide on a small budget, create a target audience, and advertise in a geographic region (a small radius or large one), and then place your ad to reach that target audience. Give it a try – your budget can be small, but be sure your audience and message is clear.

Although short digital advertising campaigns are fine and can help to boost more immediate sales, be sure to invest in marketing tools that will help the long-term success of your business: SEO, paid promotion options, and digital ad space. If you need help with a digital audit, engaging more on social media, or advertising assistance, let us know.

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