Marketing in 2012

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With the beginning of a new year comes personal resolutions and the planning of exciting events and adventures.  For small businesses, as well as large organizations, this is also a good time to lay out your business plan for the year and consider how a marketing plan may be incorporated as part of it.

The most important part of a marketing plan is the “planning” associated with it.  A marketing plan should enhance the strategic plan of the company – look at the mission, vision and goals, then get into the more specific details of products, services, events and so on.  All marketing activities, whether it’s placing an ad, creating a tri-fold brochure or pitching a press release, should ultimately be tied back to the strategic plan.

The year 2012 offers a number of technological advances in the marketing and communication tools available to businesses.  Organizations can consider use of social media, providing a direct line of communication to their consumers or very specific target audience.  In addition, there is the creation of the online newsroom, where critical information, including quotes, photos, logos, videos, links, company history and more, is provided to targeted reporters for easy access.  And, it’s now time to be more environmentally conscious and consider a web-based annual report or newsletter that incorporates video messages and can be easily tracked for Return on Investment (ROI) purposes.

My best to everyone in 2012.  Spectrum Public Relations is looking forward to a new year of great success and exciting growth!

Warm wishes for a wonderful year,


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