Review Your 2017 Marketing Strategy

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Review Your 2017 Marketing Strategy

We are halfway through 2017, the ideal time to look at your business’ marketing plan and make needed adjustments. If you haven’t come up with a plan yet, then create one. Summer can be slow for a lot of businesses, but that doesn’t mean you should put the brakes on planning. Putting effort into your strategy now will help you finish strong at the end of the year.

Improve your strategy for the second half of the year by asking yourself these questions–

  1. Are you measuring your marketing efforts? Create a baseline, then measure against it to find your marketing success.
  2. What marketing efforts in the first half of the year worked or need refinement? Don’t wait … make changes now. Time is money.
  3. Do you need a short-term marketing plan? The bulk of business for many companies happens in the first 10 months of the year. Time is ticking … You may want to consider a short marketing campaign to give your company a revenue boost.

Do not simply cross your fingers and hope your marketing efforts work.  Take the time to evaluate, adjust, and move forward. To your marketing success in 2017 … finish strong!

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