Case Study #2: Marketing Plan for High Profile Speaker

The Story:
A Spectrum Public Relations client requested a marketing plan to increase attendance to a lecture by a high profile speaker, who was an accomplished historian and author. Spectrum PR created a varied marketing plan to introduce the speaker and event to faculty, staff, students and the general public, as well as highlight the venue of the event for future speaking engagements and events.

Telling the Story:
Spectrum Public Relations targeted faculty, staff, students, alumni and the general community through its marketing plan, creating an action plan that was diverse and utilized all appropriate communication tools. The plan included the development of marketing materials with broad appeal and content that could be used internally and externally. The tools employed included radio spots, flyers and posters, direct mail postcards, press materials, content for electronic billboards and announcements, social media messages, calendar listings, table tents for popular spaces and more. In addition, the marketing plan suggested the creation of a website that would be specific to the event and a homepage banner that would lead to the event website. Media and advertising opportunities would include both traditional and non-traditional media. Other outreach tools included published content in all appropriate internal publications, flyer distribution to targeted groups and at strategic locations, direct mail postcards to targeted groups of students, advisory boards, donors and alumni, television, print and radio pitches to targeted media outlets, utilization of social network platforms, table tents and more.

In Conclusion:
Several of the actions within the marketing plan were employed. To evaluate the success of the various tools used, Spectrum Public Relations suggested its client track through coded reply cards or marketing materials how people who attended the event learned of the event for future marketing purposes.

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