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From large marketing plans to writing/proofreading a single document, Spectrum PR approaches all its projects with the same level of attention and detail. Below, you will find some quick examples of our work. Take a look and let us know how we can help you.



Marketing is planning. Spectrum Public Relations helps its clients plan out the best approach to reach their audience, ensuring maximum exposure to targeted groups through the use of very specific communication tools, including press releases, advertising, collateral materials, social media platforms, internal communication pieces, events and much more. These efforts are then evaluated through the use of surveys, focus groups or other return on investment methods to ensure effectiveness and to amend the marketing plan, as needed, for future efforts.

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Collateral Materials

Traditional and electronic publications/materials are developed to communicate effectively with an intended audience, with a business’ website often being the most important marketing tool.  All publications should have a targeted message, can be independent of other marketing materials but must also fit into a business’ overall branding effort and marketing plan.

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Public Relations

With more than 15 years of experience in building relationships with the media, Spectrum Public Relations can assist you with your local, state and national media placements. We take a proactive role in disseminating news, features and story ideas to newspapers, journals, magazines, radio, television and electronic media. Often businesses seek these type of news placements above advertising because it is “free,” provides a neutral and important endorsement of business activities, gives the business legitimacy in the community, and reaches a large and diverse audience. A list of media placements Spectrum PR was directly involved with may be found at Spectrum PR’s Newsroom.

Press Release – PBSC Special EventPress Release- SouthTech Academy Open HousePress Release – FAU Nursing GiftPress Release – FAU Nursing ResearchPress Release – Advocacy GroupPress Release – NSU EventOpinion Piece Submission – BCMedia Relations Flyer – BC


Crisis Communications

A crisis situation can be defined as any situation or event that has wide spread interest among the local, state and/or national community. It garners the full attention of the business operation for its duration and has the potential to cause disruptions or long term impacts. Examples of a crisis situation can include natural disasters, explosions, active shooter situations, a hostage situation or investigations associated with illegal activity. Since communication is often a key component in handling a crisis situation, how a business responds to the event can have a lasting impact on its relationship with key constituencies, the community and the media. A crisis communications plan provides important policies and procedures for the coordination of communication efforts in collecting and conveying appropriate information to the public, media and key audiences.

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Social Media

For businesses, social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, foursquare, Pinterest and Google+, allow the sharing of information and the creation of communities through online networks of people. In addition to these sites, social media can encompass blogs, wikis, content-sharing services, such as YouTube or Flickr, online forums and a variety of other websites. Social media allows businesses to create a direct line of communication and build relationships with those that really matter … your targeted audience.

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Other Services

While specializing in marketing, media relations, crisis communications, social media, internal communications, collateral development, writing and proofreading, Spectrum Public Relations provides a wide variety of services to its clients.

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