Spectrum Public Relations  has experience working with a wide range of businesses, including individual entrepreneurs, small businesses and large clients. Below are some of the recent testimonials received from clients and partners. We hope that you will read these and see we have a track record of providing results. Don’t take our word for it … See what people are saying about us!


 Evan M. Packer, MD, Neurosurgeon at Brain and Spine Center South Florida

“Spectrum Public Relations continues to provide strategic counsel in the planning and execution of an integrated marketing plan specific to my needs in the health/medicine industry. Kristine Gobbo and her team ensure that all the marketing tools we create both showcase the brand and educate the target audience to increase patient consultations. The combination of traditional and digital advertising and PR provide the marketing focus we need to be successful. They have also assisted with surveys and other tools to evaluate our marketing tools so we can adjust as needed. The one-on-one counsel is invaluable – Spectrum PR became a part of my team.”


Aileen Izquierdo, Vice President for Public Affairs and Marketing at Broward College

“Spectrum Public Relations is a reliable and dependable public relations firm.  I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Kristine during her years at Florida Atlantic University and now as the president of Spectrum PR. She is a highly qualified marketing and public relations professional. Kristine has terrific insight in regards to marketing large and small projects, and her media outreach always gets results. She has an innate ability to take complex information and present it to a targeted audience in a clear manner. On a personal level, Kristine has a strong work ethic and is definitely someone you can trust. At Broward College, Kristine and Spectrum Public Relations are an integral part of our communications team.”


Stacy Volnick, Vice President, Administrative Affairs & Chief Administrative Officer, Florida Atlantic University

“Spectrum Public Relations is a great asset to any team.  Kristine brings many talents to the table – a good eye for design, innate ability to communicate and openness to problem solving – all valuable traits. Kristine was the lead on a renovated website and was instrumental in enhancing the visual appeal, content and usability of the site for its various audiences. She really has a sense of what the client needs and displays great work ethic in helping the client achieve success on or before deadline. I would highly recommend Spectrum Public Relations for a company or group’s communications needs. I look forward to working with Spectrum PR on future projects.”


Lynn Laurenti, Chief Speechwriter, Division of Public Affairs, Florida Atlantic University

“Kristine Gobbo and her team at Spectrum Public Relations made critically important contributions to a major book project that I recently spearheaded at Florida Atlantic University, enabling it to go to press on time and be unveiled at the 2016 FAU Gala. The book, titled Legacymakers: 100 Women of Distinction at Florida Atlantic University, has drawn nothing but compliments, with special praise for the quality of the writing. Kristine and her colleagues turned in their usual top-flight performance, working in close collaboration with me and others at FAU to create a publication in which we take great pride.”



Marlaine C. Smith, RN, Ph.D., Dean at Florida Atlantic University’s Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

“Kristine Gobbo has been the communications and public relations consultant for the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University.  I have been so impressed with the results that we’ve gotten.  Every press release that Kristine has written has resulted in a story in some media outlet.  These stories landed in diverse publications and have resulted in increased visibility for the work of the faculty and interest in the College from the public. I cannot be more pleased with Kristine’s work.  She is a knowledgeable, organized and truly professional expert in her field.  I recommend her work without hesitation.”


Sean Brammer, Chief of Police, FAU Police Department, Office of Public Safety

“I have had the privilege to work with Spectrum Public Relations over the past two years and I have to say it has been a phenomenal experience. The standards held and quality of work produced is exceptional and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs their services!”



Grace Kolbe, Ed.D., Director, Institute of Excellence in Early Care and Education at Palm Beach State College

“Spectrum Public Relations was contracted to develop a specific branding plan for the Institute of Excellence in Early Care and Education, Palm Beach State College. The challenge was to develop a targeted marketing and public relations experience that would showcase the Institute’s work in supporting Palm Beach County’s professional development system for the childcare workforce without losing its direct link to PBSC. Over a six month period, Kristine worked her magic to design visuals that complemented the College marketing brand, yet individualized the Institute’s focus.  Her vast experience is evident through her professionalism, her support of innovation, and her distinct ability to translate a client’s raison d’etre into a memorable message.”


Kathy Stepanek, Program Director, Institute of Excellence in Early Care and Education at Palm Beach State College

“Kristine has been a tremendous asset to our organization, helping us focus our outreach efforts and organizing the creation of our marketing “brand”. Her expertise in the field of public relations has helped in prioritizing our goals to ensure we are expending our time and money in the best way possible.”

Kat Lai, Instructional Designer, IEECE’s STEAM Preschool

“Spectrum Public Relations has been an incredible asset in the development, marketing, and branding of our new website, STEAM Preschool. Kristine’s guidance and support at every juncture from the project’s infancy to its launch were utterly indispensable. A consummate professional, Kristine was reliable, approachable, relatable, highly effective, and an exceptional communicator. Her knowledge of best practices for the site as well as for branding and marketing helped us to create a site that far exceeded our expectations. We are markedly satisfied with our experience with Spectrum, will absolutely use them again in the future, and highly recommend them to anyone in need of a quality, professional, reliable marketing firm.”


Richard Dickens, General Manager, Link Cosmetics USA

“I was very disappointed when the Marketing Director told me she was going to an outside source for our website content and PR. But, when I read Kristine’s proposal and saw her work, she really created a wonderful work of art. My compliments to her and Spectrum PR. I would certainly work with them again.”


Desiree Wood, President for REAL Women in Trucking, Inc., 501 (c) trade association

“Spectrum Public Relations contributed significantly to generate exposure to the launch of our organization. Kristine absorbed an understanding of our unique industry challenges quickly and developed a marketing approach that turned heads. Kristine kept her deadlines, followed up and kept me informed. She is a great communicator, professional and tenacious. I highly recommend Spectrum Public Relations, and I look forward to working with Kristine again on future projects.”



Andrew Duffell, President & CEO, Research Park at Florida Atlantic University

“It is a pleasure to work with people who know what they’re doing, and are good at what they do. Kristine is one of those few people. You can count on her to produce the right information and be authoritative in her positions. Kristine is a consummate professional, and a close collaborator.”



James R. “Jim” Kidd, Superintendent, SouthTech Schools

“Kristine Gobbo, Spectrum Public Relations, has worked with SouthTech Schools for the past two years.  She has brought a level of outreach expertise in the areas of student recruitment, public relations, and e-communication that we had never attained prior to her involvement.  From layout and design of appropriate commercial art, to crafting a website, to establishing a network of social media, Kristine reinforces her service to clients using skilled professional consultants.  Working together, the group assures that the final product is attractive and state-of-the-art.  While rigid in her quest for product excellence, Kristine is open and flexible during product development.  Her desire is to please her client while affording an optimum end-product. I would, without reservation, endorse her services to anyone seeking quality marketing/public relations services at an affordable price.  Feel free to contact me if you desire additional information.”


Eileen Turenne, Assistant Principal of Curriculum, South Tech Academy

“Spectrum Public Relations has completely revamped the branding of SouthTech Schools over the past two and a half years. Kristine has focused on our newsletters, marketing materials, social media, and press releases to the extent that the public presence of SouthTech has grown within our community and beyond. Our team has substantially benefited from Kristine’s expertise, and we look forward to our future success stories through our work with Spectrum.”


Other Testimonials:

“I am continually amazed by the professionalism of the Spectrum Public Relations team. Their wide diversity of clients prove their effectiveness and expertise in the public relations and marketing world. The team’s attention to detail will make you feel like their only client! It’s a pleasure working with Spectrum Public Relations.” – Diana Pierre-Louis, President, Empower Your Brand 

“Kristine is a total pro at public relations and also an excellent business owner. I have had the pleasure of working with her when we were both at Florida Atlantic University, as well as through her company. I highly recommend her work.” – Maggie G.

“Laser-focused, organized, competent, and passionate — all words that describe Kristine when it comes to media relations. Her straight-forward and honest approach, coupled with a keen sense of newsworthy-ness, have garnered her a reputation among reporters for stories that will provide great content. From the launch of a new academic program to a crisis, this pro doesn’t break a sweat and handles a variety of situations with poise and confidence.” – Carla L.

“Kristine taught me everything I know about media relations and communications. I credit her with not only being a fantastic and reliable mentor, but one of the most detailed, deadline orientated, organized, talented and professional people I know. Her passionate is infectious. With her, I learned what works in today’s ever changing media landscape. I learned how to be strategic. I learned how to find newsworthy stories. And, then all of the work paid off. We got results.
I can say with certainty that one of the reasons I fell in love with this field, and specifically in higher education, was because of Kristine.
She is an absolute pleasure to work with and a wonderful person to get to know.” – Angela N.

“Kristine is a dedicated public relations professional who takes the time to understand her client’s business goals before developing effective PR and marketing strategies to achieve those objectives.” – Richard W.