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“Your Connection to Beauty …”

While travelling the globe and speaking to women of all ages and ethnicities, it became apparent that women desired a skin product made just for them. They were attracted to products that provided diversity in color, unique to their skin tone, complexion and specific needs, were of the highest quality and available at an affordable price.

Link Cosmetics USA representatives collected information they obtained from focus groups and surveys, and worked with the best cosmetic laboratories in the United States to discover products utilizing the finest ingredients.  These products were then tested on sample groups, who unanimously responded positively to the full product line.  These women stated over and over again they felt more confident and beautiful!

The Link Cosmetics USA line offers the highest quality products, from the specially formulated Hydrating Foundation Primer to the moisturizing and lifting BB Cream with skin protection.  Create a chic yet casual look with a silky smooth Eye Primer then apply a waterproof and smudge proof Gel Eyeliner.  And, of course, Link Cosmetics USA offers soft-to-touch brushes with a sleek contemporary design for makeup application.

Based in Boca Raton, Fla., Link Cosmetics USA  provides trendy products that are made from the finest ingredients.  Customer loyalty is important to us.  Providing unmatched customer service, we will work to exceed all of your expectations. We will continue to survey our customers, ensuring we bring the products you desire to the market. We are your connection to beauty …




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Link Cosmetics USA