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Marketing to Millennials

Posted by on Apr 18, 2017 in General, Marketing, Planning, Social Media, Spectrum PR | 0 comments

Marketing to Millennials

Once a business identifies its target audience, the next step is determining how to effectively reach that audience. Especially when targeting millennials, marketing should focus on honest, efficient messaging, and this can be accomplished through the use of brand ambassadors and word-of-mouth advertising.

Being able to trust a business and their products/services is highly valued among this population. Word-of-mouth marketing, which requires a satisfied customer giving recommendations to prospective customers about a product or service, is an effectual method to disseminate your message.

Given that millennials have a noticeable online presence, it is important for your business to do so as well. In terms of social media, every “like,” click or share builds that presence. Simply directing individuals to your social media account to give feedback about your product, in other words word-of-mouth marketing, can build traffic to your business, which is why it plays a critical role in marketing to millennials.

Sensing a lack of honesty will push millennials to seek an alternative company that can meet their needs. Brand ambassadors help companies establish trust, which in turn creates loyal customers. A good example of brand ambassadors using word-of-mouth marketing involves creating an email campaign that asks individuals to share a product or experience with a few friends. Many of them will say “yes,” and those friends end up becoming loyal customers.

Brand ambassadors are helpful in many ways, from sharing your brand on different social media platforms to providing honest advertising by relaying information about your products/services through those platforms. Their contribution to honest, word-of-mouth advertising will make a critical difference when marketing to millennials. Once customers trust your business and what it offers, it is not uncommon for them to reach out asking to become brand ambassadors themselves.

You never know what a brand ambassador can do for your business. Try it out, you might be surprised!

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